Unfortunately though, I didn’t get a chance to write any stories about dragons. I started out the month attempting to participate in Camp NaNo. As of about 8 hours left for writing I’ve hit over 5000 words – out of my goal of 30,000 words. I figured 1000 words a day was a reasonable goal. Well. I didn’t account for things.



Emergency visits to doctors involving the word cyst in a place you don’t want to consider. Followed by a few days of pain meds and a week of sleeping through antibiotics. I cannot write on antibiotics it turns out.  Then there was also finding out one of our cats likely has cancer and that’s why he’s started to lose weight. Same day I had the emergency visit to my doctor actually. Cause everyone likes to handle everything at once.


Don’t forget the normal every day things, like laundry, trying to exercise, and remembering to eat lunch. Even when you aren’t hungry. I also didn’t manage to read anything all that interesting this month and I have no idea why. I feel like I was busy keeping my head above the surface of the water…. I but I didn’t even know I was having any problems. I can barely remember the first half – or the middle half? – of the month. Maybe there was too many dragons.

The highlight of the month has been the spinning wheel. I have a new to me / used spinning wheel. Traditional Ashford I’m told.

The low point of the month is a tie. It’s either finding out our cat has cancer or my anaphylaxis. Technically, I almost died because I didn’t recognize the allergy/asthma symptoms I was having until the reaction was acute and I had to drive myself to the doctor. The almost wasn’t dangerously close – but at the same time I do not remember actually driving myself to the ER. Thankfully it was two minutes or so from home.

Now, I seem to have run out of things to say, but I don’t want to end on the discussion of being freaked out by anaphylaxis and how too many people (with or without allergies) don’t actually understand what the symptoms of anaphylaxis actually are.  Regardless of the dragons, I am happy to be alive and breathing. Even if I’m sitting here on the couch, mainlining Netflix, perhaps while knitting.

All of this scares me a little because August has a lot of things scheduled in it…..  including (outpatient) surgery. But, come hell or high water, horses or heat waves…. We will be attending the NIN/Soundgarden concert.  (Surgery scheduled AFTER aforementioned concert.)

Finally, I could say that I learned things about how well I can handle writing, and that I’m still in the process of putting my health before everything else….

but I can’t remember the things I actually feel that I learned. I just remember thinking: I won camp nanowrimo even though I didn’t win.