Today’s MRI was just of my brain so it wasn’t as long. Really, I said “Just my brain.” It breaks my brain a little that I just said that.

The new MRI place I got sent to is also much nicer than the one I’ve been too multiple times before. The waiting room wasn’t full of bored looking people. Unfortunately, the waiting room did have a TV tuned to FOX and some kind of gossip talk show came on….. If I’d listened to that any longer I would have considered violence. I was so very happy to actually get headphones and be able to listen to music while I was in the MRI tube. I didn’t even mind it was just regular radio and I had to hear some commercials. The headphones were also very good ear protection.

The 50 mg of Benadryl I took before I left for the MRI appointment did it’s job and I did not have a reaction to the MRI contrast. Sadly, I still needed pain medicine afterwards because nerve pain in my back and joint pain from being stuck on the too small part of the MRI tube for about an hour.

Now I get to wait and see. I know my doctor’s office will receive the MRI results/report in 24 hours but I don’t know if I’ll hear anything from my neurologist until my appointment in like a week and a half. Then, I’m guessing I’ll find out if I have to go on the steroid regiment to stop the MS flare. Waiting to find out if my new symptoms in the last two weeks are an MS flare.

Having MS is a pain…. in multiple random places in your body.