I recently requested/did a new round of allergy skin testing with my immunologist. I wanted to know if I had any new environmental allergies. Turns out I actually have less environmental allergies. I figure that’s, in part, from moving out of apartments and into our own house. One of the apartments we lived in had multiple problems with mold, including mold on the AC vents and up into the AC return. (You could look through the vent and see it.)

I’ve had allergy skin testing done a few times now. The worst part, for me, is going off *all* antihistamines before hand. I really missed my Zantac and after 2 days of no antihistamine I could barely eat… but that’s not normal, that’s me.

Skin testing is a lot easier than the first time I had it done. The first time it was separate skin pricks for each and every solution being tested. Now, it’s done in sets with funny looking plastic things. It hurts less. It’s also kind of neat to see. You only have 20 minutes of laying still in an uncomfortable position, being itchy.

Here’s pictures of my back. Beginning. Middle. End.


This is a few minutes in. Next one is about halfway in.


Here’s the final picture at about 20 minutes.


Positive reactions are pretty easy to identify. However, negative reactions might be harder to identify. Panel 9 was major foods – and that was all negative. Panel 8 included dust mites and I had a very strong reaction there.

I had a few welts for the rest of the day but – since I was back on antihistamines – all discomfort was gone after a few hours. If someone finds this and realizes it’s not that scary, then I’ve done my part.

Oh and I’m not allergic to ragweed.