I was planning to rest today because my immune system is still on the fritz and going overreactive since the cold I had in November. It’s kind of like allergies + eating + breathing = react to ALL THE THINGS. We need to only react to SOME of the things! Stress makes all this worse and, well, holidays!

Side note. The temperature was in the teens at 9 am. I left the house a little after 11.

Started out finding out my pharmacy’s grasp on technology isn’t fantastic. Phone call, then I had to do shit in person. I had to get information from my pharmacy. Like hard copy. I had to get a prescription that has been filled since November fixed so they’d fill it and file the claim with insurance properly. Basically, they shouldn’t have filled it and filed it with insurance the way they did in November or December but someone just now noticed. If they’d noticed before it wouldn’t have cost me an extra trip. (If not filed properly the medicine costs me $160 and that’s with insurance paying part of it.)

There I found out that my GP phoned in antibiotics after I called yesterday asking for another prednisone taper to get my immune system back to base line. Obviously didn’t need the antibiotics but obviously needed to actually talk to someone about what’s going on.

Prescription did get straightened out. Three calls every day for three days? So, leave pharmacy, go to my neurologist’s office. I got an awesome parking spot at a place where you usually are stuck valeting. (Small good thing!) Get everything straightened out. Turns out the pharmacy never received anything that was faxed to them yesterday by the lovely people at my neurologist’s office. Fuck faxes. Why are we using faxes in 2015? EMAIL EVERYTHING.

I figured out a little later that technology failed at three different points. It could have been fixed faster if someone at the pharmacy had called ME.

Finish at neurologist’s office. Call GP office in car to see if I can schedule an appointment with my regular GP. Nope. But I can see the PA who I’ve seen the last few times. Appointment set. Now I need to go home. Neurologist’s office is 25-30 minutes from home.

Get home. Figure out I barely have enough time to gather food to snack on so a real (warm) lunch is out of the question. I gather everything I could possibly need. Get everything together, including make herbal tea to take with me (cause miralax is easiest to drink in a hot beverage).

Get to GP’s office building. Get another awesome right by the door parking spot. (This never happens twice in one day!) Have enough time to sit and collect my thoughts for like 3 minutes. Go in, wait. Finally, I’m talking to the PA who’s seen me a few times for this same issue…. it started as a cold that turned into a sinus infection because immune system is princess. We talked. I explained zebra, not horse. I asked if it made sense. She said yes!

Now I get more prednisone as well as trying Singulair. (Interesting! I didn’t know it was a mast cell stabilizer! I hope it works!!!!) She also told me about an excellent looking Vitamin D3 50,000 IU option that is over the counter AND free of artificial colors!

Leave GP’s office. GP’s office is 20-25 minutes from home. Now I need to stop at the pharmacy on the way home as well as get gas afterwards.

Get to the grocery store/pharmacy. Prescriptions are ready! Praise Keith! I have a few other things I want to get… so finish at grocery store. Then go get gas. Thankfully we happened to buy a house less than 2 miles from a grocery store.


I should have looked to see how many miles I put on my car.

Overreacting immune systems are no fun.

I took 60 mg of prednisone about 40 minutes ago and I’m in bed.

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