Maybe it’s me, but I doubt it. (Wow two blog posts in two days!!!)  I was on target dot com this morning checking on the status of an order and ran into a picture of women in bathing suits on the home page. My first thought was something along the lines of Oh Look! Bathing suits ALREADY. My second thought went something like this: Wow. That MUST be photoshopped. It’s kind of….unnatural. 

I took a screenshot of the image in question and highlighted the area in question. In my opinion that has to be photoshopped because no one looks like that. Notice how her figure is almost a vertical straight line? Everyone has curves, especially there. Her ribs under her breast line even look funny. Basically from the underside of her arm the whole way past her hip looks ‘off’.

This is a prime example of how touched up photographs/images/pictures are everywhere and we might not even notice – unless we stop and think about how human anatomy works. This is difficult to do when we are inundated with such images so often, so many times a day.

target dot com photoshop

One thought on “Photoshopping in the wild

  1. So true! I was watching my son play a video game the other day. It was one of these manga-character ninja fighting games. More violent than I prefer, but within range. All if a spudden, the screen in filled with breasts! About 6-8 bikini-clad girls rush in and help attack your opponent by what I can only describe as breast dancing around him (accompanied by giggling sound effects). The scene is the middle if winter, on a frozen lake. WTF? The main characters are wearing snow suits (well, all except the alien who is wearing only pants, but he’s a weird cold-land creature). My girlfriend and I both looked at each other and said “Did you just see THAT?”. Needless to say, a long (certainly uncomfortable for my son) lecture followed. It didn’t sink in until I said “Would this game have a group of men in speedos come out and thrust their crotch at the enemy to defeat him?” The look on my son’s face was priceless….”I will never use that attack again.”, he said, appalled. My husband was upstairs, and the game was running from a computer there- so he saw some if it out of the corner of his eye. A couple minutes later he came downstairs, and said “Did you see THAT?”. Apparently he plays the game with my son, and it was an add on from the player ‘community’, and he had never seen it before. The Hubs was as appalled as we were. I’m marríed to the best guy ever!

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