There’s a few obvious reasons and some would say I’m lucky. First, I don’t do anything like go swimming (or do porn?) that would serve as a functional reason to shave* my legs. I also don’t have thick dark hair. In general, a woman shaves her legs because she likes it, because she thinks she’s supposed to because that’s the way it is, and/or because her significant other/partner/spouse likes it.** That means when a woman doesn’t shave her legs she’s supposed to hide her legs. Women aren’t supposed to have hairy legs…. except everyone has body hair.

For a woman to shave her legs requires time, energy, ability, and money. It takes time and energy to shave your legs and it takes a specific amount of “product”… and special attention then is needed for caring for shaved skin. Yes, men shave their faces – except when considering in square inches, men have a lot less to deal with! Also, women’s products – like disposable razors – are often more expensive than men’s despite the product being virtually or completely identical. (The bathroom mirror also often has better light than the shower.)

Therefore the first main reason I stopped shaving my legs was because it means I get to spend that time, energy, and money on something else. It also means that I have less problems with dry and sensitive skin. I also don’t have to remember to shave my legs or decide when to shave my legs if I’m too stiff, tired, or in too much pain.

The other half of why I stopped was that I realized there no reason I needed to actually shave my legs – since I don’t mind my hairy legs. One day, perhaps reading Twitter, I realized that the western/American standard of beauty is based around the comfort of the viewer. There’s no reason why I should shave my legs just to make some stranger in the grocery store more comfortable when he (or she) looks at me. I’d rather be more comfortable not wearing long pants to hide my legs in the summer (Texas) heat. I don’t have itchy dry skin on my legs, or even a rash. It’s also provided me more freedom because it’s one less thing to do, remember, plan for, etc.

*Or use some other type of temporary hair removal product that requires regular maintenance and attention.

**Western culture, American culture, mainstream American culture is all I’m speaking of here.