I had this brilliant idea to take a few extra pictures when I go somewhere and do a thing and maybe this will aid me in remembering what happened. We arrived early enough to stand in the “merchandise line” with barely any wait. There were a few people there in cosplay. The best were the couple who did Tara and Locke from FFVI. (I didn’t know that, I had to ask.) I guess I should have asked for a picture but they had lots of people asking. (I was glad to see people politely asking permission like is appropriate.) 

First, our seats. Yup. Good seats. 

We got to hear music from Final Fantasy performed by the Dallas Symphony and a local college chorus. It was all the awesome you might expect. Oh I even took a picture of my ticket. 

Picture of the program.. The Maria and Draco opera was intense! Completely different from when we’d heard it from the first concert. The music from XIV was beautiful. I’m glad they included Zanarkand and the Chocobo Melody was the most entertaining one. They also played One Winged Angel as the last song. 

Some of the merchandise available were original soundtracks for Final Fantasy VI through X….imports. Each were 3 discs and cost $45. Josh has more experience with Final Fantasy so I let him pick. 

I even managed some Pokémon Go and picked up 3 Pokémon I didn’t have yet. I think. (The guy sitting beside me saw me playing and asked what level I was. Once I learned he had stopped playing when school started everything became clear… His girlfriend (?) didn’t look that happy?, they showed up late, and he spent most of the first half looking at the program. Also worth noting, don’t sit in the row that’s against the glass surrounding the stairs down, no foot room. 

From inside the building… 

Some slightly ridiculous pictures too… A bad bathroom selfie because I love the shirt I wore and a picture of the knitting I brought with me… 

And finally, a picture of the plushies. I insisted we buy the whole “set”. 

This is the second time we attended one of these concerts. If the tour comes through Dallas again, I’m sure we’ll attend again. 

And! I think Josh now wants me to play VI and I have remembered I wanted/want to play VIII and now I’m curious about IX.