Or, politicians lie by omission and the media doesn’t give you all the information either. Or, this presidential election sucks more than the last one. Or what in the world do I title this blog post that talks some about presidential candidates for the 2016 election? I cannot find a way to title this blog post. ugh. Anyways.
So I was finishing up my research on state level candidates and realized I’d never looked up Gary Johnson. My research includes looking for candidates personal websites, checking out some issues there and then maybe doing some additional searching via Google.
It was way too easy to find something wrong.  Gary Johnson states on his website the deficit doubled under Obama, after doubling under George W. and that it was all due to wasteful spending. I distinctly remembered that the deficit has decreased considerably during Obama’s term in office. I turned to Google and tripped straight down a rabbit hole.
Because my memory sucks, I checked dates:
Clinton before 2001
George W. 2001-2009
Obama 2009 forward
Deficit in billions:
1999: -125.61
2001: -128.23
2002: 157.75
2005: 318.35
2008: 458.55
2009: 1412.69
2010: 1294
2011: 1295
2012: 1087
2013: 679
2014: 485

2015: 438

So, in case we forgot, Clinton balanced the budget. George W did more than double the deficit. Obama increased the deficit severely, yes, definitely. It looks scary. However, since 2009 the deficit has decreased to levels lower than George W left it.

It doesn’t seem appropriate to mention these two Presidents in the same way, suggesting neither did nothing more than wastefully increase the federal deficit. There is where we need another measure and unemployment seemed pretty easy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t post a annual rate of unemployment in any place that a quick Google search can find. So I looked at the same years I listed the deficit and picked the highest rate of the 12 months that year. An average might very well be lower than these numbers. I used this source.

Unemployment, highest monthly average each year:
1999: 4.3
2001: 5.7
2002: 6.0
2005: 5.4
2008: 7.3
2009: 10.0
2010: 9.9 (in December)
2011: 9.1
2012: 8.3
2013: 8.0 (in January)
2014: 6.7
2015: 5.7
2016: 5.0

Ah yes, 1999, back when gas was near $1 a gallon. Anyways. So from 1999 until now, you can almost say unemployment continued to increase until 2010. From 2011 till now, it has slowly decreased. From 2001 to 2009, under George W., the federal deficit and the rate of unemployment increased. From 2009 to “now”, under Obama, the federal deficit first increased exponentially but then decreased in very large amounts while the unemployment rate continued to decrease. The unemployment rate was cut by half during Obama’s term. Here’s a long article with great pictures about job growth during Obama’s term.

I find Gary to be very misleading. I’m also not happy with the lack of mentioning disability rights or the very little time he talked about veterans. In fact a lot of his website sounds like it was written by the marketing department of some kind of bad technology company. For example, there’s the headline on Gary’s section about environment. (Incentivize innovation? Really!? Seems like that would fit better in a section about small business? Or a bad joke about the internet?)

Then there’s Gary’s final words on the environment which infer that regulations for the environment have cost Americans jobs. It turns out that a lot of the job growth under Obama was in “green jobs” too. Here’s an article. There’s plenty more. Also, Gary doesn’t take a stand on climate change but Hillary does.
Gary’s website talks about jobs with a lot of vague words that don’t answer questions and he doesn’t mention anything about disabilities and people with disabilities keeping employment. Hillary’s website talks a lot about rights and she looks at jobs, taxes, the economy, and wall street reform as all separate issues. She also wants to make sure disabled people and veterans have opportunities (for jobs too).
Side note: I think it’s interesting to see how many different issues a presidential candidate’s website has statements about. Gary’s website has a lot of holes. It reminds me of taking an Introduction to such and such class where you don’t learn much more than if you like that subject. You definitely don’t learn enough about the subject to be knowledgeable. The only hole I could find in Hillary’s detailed website was anything about international diplomacy.
So I haven’t talked about Trump who wants to “make America great again” …. well I guess that’s because I need more information. Does Trump think all of America is shit? Which America when? How far back do we go? What part about America now isn’t great?
Before or after women gained the right to vote? Before or after the Civil Rights Act? Before or after the ADA? Before or after WWII or 9/11? Before or after Obama fixed the economy? Before or after the FBI updated the legal definition of rape? Before or after making same sex marriage legal? Maybe he wants to go back to before climate change started to cause horrible damage so he can fix it? Or maybe back before the Patriot Act? Or …. who knows what he means.
At least Gary doesn’t scary the shit out of my like Trump does. He just makes me wonder if he knows anything about being part of the federal government – on any level. Hillary’s website sounds like it’s representing an experienced politician.
Please, go learn about the candidates yourself. If you have access to the Internet on a computer it’s easy but still possible on a phone. Think about what you read and go vote on November 4, 2016.
Now let’s crawl back out of that rabbit hole we just fell in….
…and go look at something else. (Kittens! I promise it’s kittens!)