I finally can say that I went to a con’…. Few weeks ago we went to the Supernatural convention that was in Dallas. It also turned out very good that we bought season 11 of Supernatural so that we didn’t run into any spoilers at the con. In the past we’ve waited for Supernatural to show up on Netflix to save money. (No cable, see part about saving money.)

Travelling is expensive and difficult when you have a limited diet so I was super excited that a Supernatural convention came.to.Dallas. Super excited. Because of money we went for Saturday tickets and didn’t go to the Louden Swain concert. It was only $100 but would have cost more gas money, more time in the car, and more difficulty with food, probably some eating out, so it was way more than $100 for us to go. We didn’t buy any photo op or autograph tickets either because we found them expensive and the lines were also amazingly long. Maybe if we had more money and had paid for more than 1 day?

The venue was kind of horrible because the hotel was doing major construction. Like should have closed level of construction. Their “cafe” was offering a limited menu and we were stuck there for lunch. We didn’t want to have to play the search for a parking spot game again. (There was so many parking spaces in the parking garage filled up with badly arranged carpentry equipment or stuff like old carpet.) When we first arrived, the up escalator was broken.

There was an interesting variety of vendors. Being there on Saturday we saw the end of Brianna’s and Osric’s panel. Then we had to wait until later to see Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins. We had reserved seats so we never had to fight for seats or anything. We also had decent enough seats, a little closer might have been nice because I would have been able to take better pictures with my phone. Jared and Jensen showed up on Sunday. We were a little bit glad we were not going to be there for Jared and Jensen considering the level of noise when Misha and Mark walked out on stage. (In other words it was fucking loud.) Would have wanted earplugs for J2. Really enjoyed hearing both Misha and Mark talk.

I think I might remember more of Mark. (Why oh why did I not make this blog post 2 weeks ago?! ARG!) When Mark came out on stage, Louden Swain played some ‘versions’ of Mr. Crowley. The country version was maybe the best? There was an extra fantastic part when Mark was asked about the current presidential election and he turned it into GO VOTE! (Side note, he’s a US citizen now.) Mark also did this fun bit where he walked the whole way around the room….he also acted a bit like Crowley. He was just fun to hear and see I guess.

I bought a few neat/nice things too. I need to keep looking around for some kind of Supernatural themed notebook.

We also saw/heard a little of Louden Swain. Maybe I’ll finally fucking remember to investigate their music! We even talked to God! Holy shit I would have been unhappy to have that spoiled!

Maybe the most important part of the whole experience was the atmosphere. There were so many people wearing You are enough shirts. I can’t remember if Mark or Misha asked for a show of hands from people who have depression … but seeing the sea of hands made me feel like I belonged.

Ok then, (mostly bad) picture time!

This is the one and only Charlie cosplay I saw. Her costume was very well done too. 

And here’s a few shots of the stage. We were over 30 rows back so these pictures are hard to see/kind of blurry. These first three are Louden Swain.

And in these next few… Misha is in the red jacket.

And these are from when Misha was doing his Q and A panel. 

He’s on his phone because he had to talk a call from his daughter. ♥️ Then Mark Sheppard appeared.

I’m going to put pictures of Mark Sheppard when he did his panel and the pictures of stuff I bought in another post. I’ve fought with WordPress multiple times since the con trying to get these pictures uploaded. Maybe two posts will make it work. And then the WordPress app on my phone didn’t actually publish the post when it said it did. LIES! Part 2 Soon!