This post will be more pictures, including the stuff I bought. Wow it’s taken me way too long to actually get back to this post. I think this is supposed to mostly be about Mark Sheppard.  He started out his Q&A pretending? being? Crowley. I think I’ve loved this man in every role I’ve seen him play. He’s annoying and convincing and something. There were a few questions that were just awesome to see and hear him respond to. Someone tried to ask him about his opinion about the presidential candidates for the 2016 election and the face he made at this was SPECTACULAR. Nice reminder about actors playing characters being just another person. Also, he used that opportunity to talk about why the US is great and why you need need need to go vote. He asked later question askers if they were going to be voting. It was great. It was also amusing when he got to the back of the “ballroom” or whatever and said something like “oh look! The poor people!” …. but he also liked it back there because it was cooler.

I can’t pick between liking Misha or Mark more. They were both awesome. Stuff I bought first.

The only Creative Entertainment purchase I made was a “Humans are so Fragile.” tshirt. This is a simple canvas bag with a shoulder strap longer enough that it crosses over your chest and it’s comfortable. I bought it for an alternative for my regular bag purse thing which is a freaking messenger bag because it’s versatile. The company making these were genius because I saw them everywhere and I think they are made to hold the notebooks they sell to keep your photographs and autographs that you get at cons’.


And this was one of the many pieces being sold by a woman who made lots of handmade jewelry. Similar to this yet not. She was also wearing compression gloves. I can’t remember the exact name she had for this piece but it references Baby. (You also got a discount if you said “hey assbutt”.)


Food! Here’s the horrible pathetic burger I ate at the hotel’s “cafe” because they didn’t have a full restaurant open during their remodel. I was even going to try food from the gift shop instead but that was closed too. (No bun because gluten bad.)


On the way home we stopped at Liberty Burger and I definitely made up for the almost tasteless food I ate earlier with this. I splurged and ordered a cider. I couldn’t finish it but the side effects weren’t as bad as I was expecting. I was actually able to enjoy some of it! This burger was so very yummy and their “skinny fries” are awesome.



And now, Mark Sheppard pictures. Because I’m a rookie for cons I was initially very confused why the house lights were brought up when he started…but then didn’t mind him walking around. The first picture is the OMGIWASFOURFEETFROMMARKSHEPPARDPICTURE!!!!!!1111111


Did I do that right? Anyways. This is where we end, with a few bad pictures of Mark Sheppard (in skinny jeans!!) walking around talking to people. He wore a Crowley tshirt too.