I’ve decided that when I have something I don’t know where or who to share with I’m going to put it here. Right now in life this will probably be in relation to dissociation and DID.

During therapy today one of my parts came out and talked (can’t remember how it started). This is the first time I noticed that her tone of voice is slightly different from mine! She also prefers shorter sentences and less words compared to my speech patterns.

When we were talking to the therapist sometimes I was in control of the talking and sometimes she was in control. I started sitting differently – more forward – when she was fronting/co-fronting too. I felt like something was sliding back and forth in my brain. Like me and my part were sitting beside each other and sometimes she’d slide the talking block (for lack of anything else to slide) back to me in a hurry because she’d suddenly had enough of having to do the talking but then other times she’d grab it back because she was excited to be doing the talking.

I also feel validated after having this experience because I have such strong feelings, including that my part is happy after having an interaction with someone nice. These feelings are too strong and too real and too present for this to all be made up. Unfortunately I also have a headache.