This is an exercise I completed from the book Steering the Craft and the point was to write 200-350 words with no adjectives or adverbs. I wrote just over 200 words.

The dragon continued to talk, and he echoed and he boomed. He was surrounded by people but they stayed outside of the range of the dragon’s tail. The dragon stood before a throne in the center of the room. The cat sat on the throne, washing her face with her paws, and continued to ignore him. The people gathered at the edges of the room continued to lock back and forth between the two. No one was talking. Everyone ignored the corpses on the floor, burned by fire. The room remained filled with haze. The people did not understand the dragon’s words but the cat could. Was the dragon uttering grievances or making demands? This went on for over an hour and the dragon was showing no signs of quitting. The people wondered – it was written on their faces – could they leave? Would it anger the dragon? Then the cat stretched, arching her back, and the dragon paused in his monolog and leaned in to peer at the cat. The silence stretched. The people leaned in, watching, waiting. The cat sneezed. The dragon flinched, banging his head on the ceiling. Then the cat looked at the dragon, and spoke a word. The people gasped for they understood. The dragon recoiled, turned, and walked out.