Have I really been sick for a month and a half?

Or, I hope I don’t need a third course of antibiotics. Caught a cold after attending an outside beer and music festival. Spent too much time among the unwashed masses. (And had to use porta-potties.) Cold turned into a sinus infection. Then either the sinus infection wasn’t kicked with the first round of antibiotics or a developed another sinus infection. That’s just since November 1st!

Basically, now that I’m free of infection but still coughing and blowing my nose, it’s like my immune system has been fighting the cold ever since I caught it – and got over it. Technically, I did get over it. But my immune system didn’t ever bother to stand down.

I think this further enforces my whole idea that my immune system is staffed – or run – by conspiracy theorists.

Still might have another doctor appointment tomorrow. Tempted to cancel it so I don’t have to get out of bed. Looking at a run of prednisone now. Hopefully my body will calm its shit.

I mean, c’mon! A COLD. I’m so damned tired. Only good side of this? I’ve been in virtually no pain through all of this because my body is doing other shit. I’m not going to worry about this causing an MS relapse that’ll require more and extremely more powerful, steroids. I will not.

Now, my most serious decision for the rest of the day will be when to take the NyQuil.