Health update and the doctor

It turns out that daily breathing treatments on the nebulizer seemed to help more than the remedies from the doctor for getting over the asthma problems caused by having the flu. The remedy he mailed me (because I couldn’t take the 30 minute min. one way trip to go pick it up) helped. But, definitely still having asthma problems. Monday I needed the nebulizer – because ? – I was exposed to dust, pollen and dust from storm debris on Sunday.

After a lot of thinking and a discussion with OP (in part prompted by his trying out of a new doctor/saw new doctor for first time yesterday) I’ve realized there’s no reason for me to continue to see my current (homeopathic) doctor. The treatment might be helping – but regardless I feel as if the doctor isn’t helping. If you feel like your doctor isn’t listening to you, and ignores or doesn’t respond to your questions, why continue going? It turns out I had been trying to give the homeopathic treatment a try and that was getting mixed up with dealing with the doctor. There’s other homeopathic doctors in my area – and closer to where I live – I can look into other options.

But, I might go with a holistic approach instead of a strictly homeopathic approach. I’ve been going to this doctor for like 10 months – the list of problems remaining is longer than the list of things that have been helped. Top of the list of problems is my asthma. Secondary would probably be sensitivity to chemicals, fragrances, fumes, strong smells. It’s possible that the holistic approach has been more helpful than anything else since, for one, I’ve become more aware of what symptoms mean.

I still need to cancel my last appointment with the old/current doctor. The other reason is I’d like to see how I am without any remedies effecting me. Will I be better? I’ve already seen differences from right after a doctor appointment (and taking a remedy) and right before.