What will Apple do about biology and health text books?

This leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m all for removing apps that are degrading to women. I’m fine with that. However. Apple doesn’t know what that is, especially based on the SG app being removed. And. They are doing it *now* when the iPad is on it’s way? That’s just marketing, that’s not caring. That’s Unilever selling Dove AND Axe.

Also, are we going to have a kid-friendly iPad for school and a not-intelligent-adult-friendly iPad instead? The iPad is supposed to have books. Well, we can’t have anything that just might be arousing. So, that means, let’s see. No comics. No graphic novels. No romance. Not a lot of sci-fi. And none of the porn disguised as books like some of the things Laurell Hamilton writes.

I like my macbook pro, a lot. It’s great for being a student, it’s great for someone who does research, it’s lighter than the DELL laptop – with a smaller screen – that I used to carry around. I mostly like my iphone. I was planning on getting an iPad for the functionality of iPhone apps and an ereader (and a music player and etc) all in one. (I don’t have an ereader like a kindle right now.) This crap makes me hesitant.

Is this reflecting the general Puritanical nature of American mainstream society or is this someone at Apple being stupid and not thinking this through? And I’m not even going to go into the whole Internet and porn thing. One last thing…

How many upskirt pictures have been shot with an iPhone camera?

iPhone apps and ereader shopping

Do I want Papers or Write Room for my iPhone? Will it be useful? (I have both apps on my MBP.)

Or would an ereader of some sort be more useful? How do you justify the large upfront cost of one? If a Kindle has the highest availability of stock.. then that makes most sense. The Kindle DX makes more sense for PDF access.

Geektool 3

I successfully set up some Geektool “geeklets” on my MBP this weekend. This is cool because I figured it out AND did it successfully. I did need some help to figure out where scripts should go so that Geektool sees them based on the command/etc. So now I can add more!

I need to learn more about scripts and commands and stuff. My ignorance annoys me. Need to pimp out my windows desktop now too.

I might collect Geektool 3 links that are actually useful here. Cause some of the “tutorials” on youtube are total crap…and you have to make sure you are seeing Geektool 3 and not an earlier version.

Learning my MacBook Pro

I bought this book from Amazon. Biggest problem being that I’ve been a Windows user for years and need to know how different types of software translate between platforms. For example, I’ll be looking into more blogging software specific to the Mac platform, or I’ll continue to use Windows Live Writer and just use it in a VM of Windows. (I do recommend Windows Live Writer.) I’ve installed Blogo I think it’s called on the laptop, small amount of time to set up and the only problem is I’m unable to actually publish from the software, it will do drafts, not published posts to wordpress. You have to purchase Blogo but it does have a 21 day demo/trail period.

I’m also in the process of learning Notebook 3.0 which might be nicer than Microsoft Office OneNote for note taking. I don’t know yet. The learning curve on Notebook 3.0 seems a little steeper than one note. I’ve also looked into EverNote which is “free” in that you have to pay for a higher limit to your monthly usage. I’m using EverNote for info I want access to from either desktop, laptop, or iPhone. (Yes, EverNote has a free iPhone app.) I don’t think EverNote will work for school though. Especially when you start adding in the size of pictures/etc.

So far, the touchpad is awesome. I like how easily the laptop can be sleep’ed. It’s somewhat annoying to not have a hibernate option but that’s not a big deal. The build/form of the laptop is quite nice. It’s thinner, it’s balanced. Even holding the laptop with hand I’m not worried I might drop it. The screen is quite lovely.

Things I need to do:

1. find IM software I like or just get used to Adium

2. settle on blogging software and see if I like it more than LiveWriter

3. run through the tutorial/user guide on Notebook 3.0

4. Set up Spaces more/better for usage at school. The native multi-desktop support is lovely. Especially for a laptop.

5. Make sure I know how to properly uninstall apps on the laptop.

6. See what my options are with my Canon Rebel digital camera and the laptop.

7. Probably other things I can’t think of right now.

Switching from Windows to Mac

My new MacBook Pro is on the way via UPS. In preparation of not using Mac since I was in junior high, or some equally far away time, I’ve done a little googling. Collecting these links so I can easily reference them later via my new laptop. It replaces a Dell Inspiron that’s over a year old and definitely starting to show it’s age.

Switching to Mac on apple.com

Keyboard shortcuts – wikipedia entry

Lifehacker guide for switching to Mac

Useful looking reference stuff for Mac/iPhone AND PC – including link to open source program for launching programs in Mac

Top 30 mistakes made by new Mac users – from someone’s blog from 2006

10 Things Every New Mac Owner should know – from someone’s blog from 2005