Give the blog some love and create a poll

I decided to do some blog updating and give the blog some some love in general. I updated the header image and also checked out the settings to see what else you can do on a free wordpress blog. (I do want to have this on my own domain, SOME DAY!) A poll asking people what kind of food allergies they have seemed like a good one to start with. It’s more interesting than asking people if they have a college degree, right?

Random cats: blame the Internet

Friend recently linked me this picture.

I had to go searching for it because it seemed relevant to a silly conversation in an irc channel. So then I decided to post it on my blog. And then when searching it I remembered the source of the picture. Good blog. Jenny Lawson is awesome. I’m almost done reading her book. (FINALLY!! It’s taken me too long to finish such a good book!)

Also. This.

Kittens seem to love boobs don’t they? But hey, what’s not to love about boobs? Soft, warm…uh. yea. Anyways. We recently adopted 2 kittens from the local animal shelter (city run) so maybe I’ll use kittens for reasons to make blog posts. Want. to. write. more.

This job thing…

… really interferes with the time I can spend playing computer games, and well, life! Go figure I manage to upgrade my video card and make Skyrim playable my first weekend being employed.

I’m figuring once things calm down and aren’t so crazy at work and we aren’t waiting for the access we need to licensed software so as to do our jobs – I’ll have more free time in my brain. I’m still managing knitting which is awesome. It’s just not quite as much as I’d like; but that’s the way things work, usually.

Want to get back to reading regularly as well. I’ve read an amazingly LOW level of books so far this year. I’m 1/4-1/3 through Anathem which I ended up buying on kindle so I can read it in bed and not hurt myself. But hey that is partly due to reading comics. Comics count for reading too! Guess I could make a post of the new comics I’m reading – the as they come out every week/month variety.

This job thing is good for one thing though! Well, two things. Or three? Getting out of the house regularly is actually nice. Seeing/interacting with more people is useful and not always obnoxious. Anyways, I was getting to… money. Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy more yarn! And ways to wind that yarn into balls so you can more easily knit that yarn into happy things!

In a month or so I’m going to see about buying yarn for some new and interesting projects. This shawl and a BSJ. After I finish something, maybe the shawl I’m working on to have at work. I’ll start one of those new and interesting projects.

Employed again, soon

My free time that is a combination of actual free time and I have to kill some time is about to end. Job starts Thursday. One of this day jobs. The kind I thought I didn’t want. Figures. But it’s not in academia which I can see myself continuing in right now.

So, these last couple days I figured out it’s best to do cleaning/organizing type things because those are things I’m going to want to do even less. Well, more of those things. I’ve done a lot of filing. Quite a lot. But I’ve done other more enjoyable things – like finish re-watching all of Firefly and Serenity. I finally cleared out my email inbox (first time ever).

I’d like to work on some budgeting in preparation of having money, basically, have a plan. But nothing comes to mind. Yet.

I’m thinking once I get past the “new” part of being employed and get into my routine I’ll be more likely to have a mind for writing. That means I’ll actually be interested in writing and have less time for writing, reading, and knitting….

Life will definitely be changing, but I think, eventually; this will make for more focus…. and less piles of paper cause I did a bit of filing!

Knitting in Public

Alternate title: how I got a business card from a judo instructor who’s at least 50.

Knitting (or crocheting) in a public place where people are able to see what you doing eventually gets you comments, questions, stories, or etc.

Sometimes it’s “Nice, you’re crocheting!” and the person speaking looks at you proudly, because he or she knew what you were doing. Nevermind that you are knitting. ‘Cause then you have to smile politely and explain how you are knitting, not crocheting – or smile and nod – depending on your preference.*

Other times it’s a person who can completely appreciate the work you are doing and has some positive comment or praise for your work. Other times still you’ll have a highly amusing exchange with some random stranger who may or may not actually recognize what you are doing.

Today to get my looking-for-a-job self out of the house for a little longer I took knitting to $tarbucks. I’m working on a shawl with gorgeous hand-dyed (not by anyone I know! bought at LYS) multicolored merino yarn that I positively love. It’s soft and looks neat… and it’s to the point where someone is likely to notice and ask.

So today I got to hear a story about how an old guy beats up people for a living, but first he told me about a person he knew (maybe his son?) who decided to learn to knit by going to upstate New York and learning how to raise sheep, shear sheep, clean the wool from the sheep, spin it, dye it, AND then knit it. He said the first thing this person knit was a sweater for his mother – but he didn’t take into account the natural properties of 100% wool and so the sweater weighs like 25 pounds any time it gets wet.

Then somehow we moved on to how he beats up people for a living – meaning he teaches judo.  ((He handed me his business card.) Old guy with gray hair mind you – 50s at least?) I’m amused, and chuckling at all of this and agreeing that it is important to learn about the fibers you are knitting when you learn to knit – and that not everyone bothers to. We discussed the differences between crochet and knit too. Like my mom taught me how to crochet as a kid but my friend taught me how to knit (basics) as an adult and I find I like knitting much better than crocheting – and my mom couldn’t handle the double needles of knitting.

So, he continues his story (just while waiting for his drink) that he even has 5 police officers that he gets to beat up, including a 25 year old who was all puffed chest cause he didn’t need this training but he’s here cause “his chief said” he had to be.

Well this guy told me he only used 2 fingers to beat up the 25 year old so he wouldn’t hurt him that much – and the 25 year old (can I call him a kid?) only cried for an hour afterwards. (I think this was actually about when I got the business card.) To which I replied, then you did knock him down a peg or two, at least one peg anyways.

I could tell the guy loves his job. Loves. His. Job.

Before I left $tarbucks I had comments from one other nice lady who “had to come over and see what I was working on.” I asked her to let me finish the last few stitches on the row and held up the shawl for her to see (it’s easily 2-3 feet wide at the top at this point). She praised it – I think she really liked the yarn. I forgot to tell  her what kind of yarn though. (Sorry nice lady.) Instead I asked if she was familiar with the LYS – which she was (and get’s in trouble there) – and I happily pointed out the sale going on today/tomorrow. She said maybe she’d check out the sale since she hasn’t inventoried in awhile! (Oh dear I’m thinking, my stash isn’t that big, I don’t have to inventory it yet!)

So, in the end, knitting in public got me some laughs and nice comments from strangers — and no strange comments about how crocheting or knitting is better. Or, even better, no (sorta) snide comments about how what I’m knitting looks like a diaper. (Seriously, you are comparing something HANDMADE to a diaper?)

*By the way, one way to know the difference between crocheting and knitting? Crocheting uses 1 needle that has a hook on the end. Knitting uses 2 needles with rounded points. Both crocheting and knitting use many different sizes of needles – from wider than your thumb to so small you are afraid you’ll break the needle.


When I woke up this morning I thought things were going to be better, no lingering headache after the incapacitating migraine in the middle of the night Monday. Had hot tea to help out, took advil for a backache.

Now the headache is back, can’t read because focusing on smallish print in an oldish paperback is hard. Tried peggle, that doesn’t work either. So I thought hey, maybe I’d actually try to do today’s writing prompt. 

I fucking hate haikus.

So I’ll go back to my earl grey tea with vanilla soy milk and wish that I had the last three weeks of new Batman and Batwoman comics I’ve been reading. Well, last 2 weeks plus today’s.


So if I were to start writing now that I’m done with school and not having my creativity sapped and while I’m still unemployed/looking for a job and cursing my student loans… would blogging every day be a good start?

What in the world am I going to blog every day about?


Words here.



me: *looking at phone in car* Oh look, a network named yomomma.

husband: I saw a network called “black hole.”

me: hah. that’s cool…and appropriate. “Yomomma” is so… *snort* … overused.

husband: *noise of agreement"*

me: *pause* pun not intended *chuckle*

husband: oh. that’s bad. *snort* very bad.

Being connected…

I’m somewhat disturbed at how much I need a connection to the Internet to actually do things like homework. Even if it’s just reading… no Internet, no connection, messes me up.

Internet is still out at home. No idea why 🙁

Being Social on the Internet

I’m reading an article* from 2001 titled the “Social Implications of the Internet” and it’s a little amazing how things have changed in a decade. The authors review literature in 5 categories: inequality, community and social capital, political participation, organizations and other economic institutions, and cultural participation/diversity. (taken from abstract which should be available on google scholar)

Now where does me blogging about this…and posting on twitter about it… fit into the research?

*For my independent study topic for this semester.

Friday afternoon…

I decide to not stop at $tarbucks cause I don’t want to deal with it being super busy or the baristas working being super stupid (this location specifically)… I decide to stop at the grocery store on the way home and get some vanilla soy coffee creamer instead since we have good coffee at home. (Nevermind I was going to get a latte at $tarbucks, not coffee.) As I pull up at grocery store I send husband a text asking if he had any requests for the grocery store….

His only serious answer was “anything I want for dinner.” Well, I got beer! Beer to try, to be specific.

Nevermind I don’t think beer is going to help me write this research proposal paper which also reviews literature from 5 other sources (at a minimum) that’s due in like 10 days. Too bad I can’t write it on beer.

Names Shh-names

I can’t decide how I feel about Blizzard’s decision to change their policies and have their customers use real names instead of screen names. Kotaku had a decent post about it and the issues it includes… as did the writer of the Eating Bees blog, who is also a must read for anyone who games on PC.

I know as a female, on the Internet, (gasp! There are no women on the internetzzz) I’ve run into creeps, slimeballs, and trolls who attempt to troll just because I *am* female. I’ve also run into some really nice people in the Internet. Granted the assholes out-weigh the husband material…. but that happens irl too.

I know this whole thing makes me very tempted to resub my WoW account, watch, and take notes.

/end sociology nerd

Edit: That’s amusing. Right after I hit publish… I see this:

We changed our mind.

This is perhaps the most important part:

I want to make sure it’s clear that our plans for the forums are completely separate from our plans for the optional in-game Real ID system now live with World of Warcraft and launching soon with StarCraft II. We believe that the powerful communications functionality enabled by Real ID, such as cross-game and cross-realm chat, make a great place for players to stay connected to real-life friends and family while playing Blizzard games. And of course, you’ll still be able to keep your relationships at the anonymous, character level if you so choose when you communicate with other players in game. Over time, we will continue to evolve Real ID on to add new and exciting functionality within our games for players who decide to use the feature.

The wording there suggests to me that people don’t completely understand what Blizzard is attempting to do. Myself included?